Monday, October 27, 2008

My lovely daughters, Alicia Zebrun, and Angela Tetkowski!

My lovely daughters, here they are, beautiful young women, with a father who's filled with all the love he can have for such lovely young girls. You feed them, you clothe them, love them a lot, then they go out into the world, to see what it's got. One finds love, I gave her away at a beautiful wedding, to a simply stellar young United States Marine who's fighting for our very lives, liberty, and freedom in Iraq. My chest simply burst with pride that day, the bride in her gown, groom in Full Dress Blue Marine Uniform, they were the very symbol of the American dream couple. I was so proud, my father, Andrew Zebrun II, joined the Coast Guard right after Pearl Harbor. He, was a brave young man, in 1942, when he helped man a landing craft filled with brave young men just like the one I gave my daughter to that day. Yes, he delivered them to the beach, shot over their heads armed with twin .30 caliber brownings, with bombs, and mortars thrown back by the enemy. As we know, they didn't all come home. And even my father gave his all bringing those Marines ashore, because he suffered great wounds, and his sacrifice was recognized with medals, and the ultimate sacrifice you can make in war, his very life. His tragic death Oct. 4th, 1974, was ruled "service connected" my the military. So having such a proud young man as a son-in-law was extra special for me, and my dad, Angela's grandfather. My sweet daughters, I love them both, and pray things will work out, if you have no love in your heart, you're simply without...

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