Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Buffalo, NY as printed from a woodcut in the book Historical Collections Of The State Of New York by John W. Barber and Henry Howe 1842. Titled, North West View Of Buffalo, N.Y. The above view was taken on a gentle elevation, a short distance westwardly of the city. A small portion of Lake Erie is seen on the extreme right. That is the end of the Erie Canal, gateway to the west at the time. Sometimes, you've got to know where you've been, to see where you're going...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My daughter Alicia Zebrun, allegedly, secretly carried my first grandchild in 2008. She gave birth in September 2008 and disposed of her in a garbage can in a public park. When my granddaughter was found deceased I had a precognition that my daughter Alicia was the mother and I was unfortunately right. The Buffalo, NY police traced, and arrested her from a shoe box she placed my granddaughter in. Then the police notified the media before they told me. I saw it on the news and nearly had a heart attack! I planned a proper burial, but Erie County, NY allowed Alicia to sign the rights over to others, and was cremated? Was Baby Zebrun cremated, and placed on a mantle, in the home where she was murdered? This all happened at the same time Caylee Anthony was murdered by her mom. I've been writing, and calling all of my elected officials, most rule by ignorance, they simply ignore you! I recently met with Councilman Darius Pridgen, who has a famous member of Buffalo's African American community from his district whom I was acquainted with, Francis Nash, who I knew personally. He met with me twice, was very sympathetic, and I informed him Baby Zebrun was biracial, like President Obama. Her father is Edward L. New III. I was hoping a mayor would get involved and find out where Baby Zebrun is buried, but aside from an initial phone call to express his condolences, Baby Zebrun has been ignored! As has Councilman Kearns, Jack Quinn called me like Mayor Brown, but has been silent since. And I knew him as well, he called to give me his condolences from his cell phone, thanks for you kind support Mr. Quinn! No one knows what sorrow I've seen, Baby Zebrun cries out to me from beyond, "don't let them forget about me, let others learn, lest there be more"! Sadly Alicia's neighbor, Danielle Payne, committed neonaticide as well, not long after Baby Zebrun. Former Buffalo News editor Margaret Sullivan promised to help Baby Zebrun, she put one of her top writers on the story, Dan Herback. I met with him in October of 2011, I gave him all of the information he needed to get her story to the world, to save others. But I've heard nothing from him since. I specifically told him her story needs to be told, the family of, and Edward L. New III need to know their child, Baby Zebrun, was murdered and swept from history. You never know, how low government will go, till you shuffle off to Buffalo, and they steal your dead...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What did Bush's father teach him about war?

What did Bush's father teach him about war?

Both of our father's served in the Pacific during WWII. My father taught me WAR is BAD, and is NOT an option used lightly, or based on LIES! Ex-president Bush's father taught him WAR IS GOOD, and lying to KILL IS OK! How did we both get such divergent lessons about war from two fathers who served in the same theater, in the same war? Seems that Bush senior has failed both his son, and America. Lying to get us into a war, however noble, is NOT acting in a noble manner. Lying, and killing, based on lies has discredited America in the eyes of the world. But I thank God we have a sane president now, who has plans to end the lies, and the killing based on them. America would be a much greater place today if we could take the Iraq war back, and not have all of those lost lives. Those people would be working, and having children, and living lives now lost to lies.

We could have used the money we spent on the war to build up America, I.E.: health care, education, and infrastructure like the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis. Instead America's treasure was wasted to tear down America, kill it's best, and brightest heroes! Then we are left with empty promises of seeds of "democracy" being "planted" in the middle east. People in power either use it for good, building up the people they serve. Or they use their powers for evil, tearing down the people that they serve.

Taking a close look at America today, I think most people would say we're in a lot worse shape now after the war, than before the war. So my point is this, war is bad under the best of intentions. Our recent war in Iraq was fought under false pretenses. The leaders who led us to war offer no apologies, and seem to have no regrets. I bet they would rather we forget the war, but we can not. For if we do not remember the past, and learn history's lessons, we are doomed to repeat histories errors. Of which the war in Iraq is front and center...

WWII killed my father, his death, October 4th, 1974, was ruled service connected. Maybe if Bush had lost his father to WWII like I did he'd have a different outlook on war. But we'll never know, he still has his dad, and I lost mine to a war long ago...

Andrew Zebrun III

Monday, October 27, 2008

My lovely daughter Alicia Zebrun, loving comments, from a loving father, Andrew Zebrun III

My lovely daughter, Alicia Zebrun, seen here both singularly, and along with her sister, Angela Tetkowski, is a beautiful young woman, nineteen years of age. She will always be a very loving daughter, and a very, very talented artist. She has helped me to create some wonderful works of art that would not exist in this world if not for her creative drawing skills. I will be placing pictures of them in another post, but I want the world to know that my daughter, Alicia Zebrun,
is a special person, who's love and warmth helps light up my heart with joy. She has a permanent place in my very soul, and will remain a bright, shining jewel in my psyche as long as I live.
Andrew Zebrun III October 27th, 2008

Drunk driving's impact on our youth... By Andrew Zebrun III

A drunk driver killed my nephew, Jeff Brown, in 1994 in Evans, NY, on Rt. 20 not too far from Sturgeon Point Rd. He was a 19 year old college student as well, he was at Canisius, and I believe he was in the same class as Jodi Johnston if I'm not mistaken. He wanted to become a sports reporter, and if not for the actions of Terry King, on April 6th, 1994, Jeff may be a smart news reporter too. Terry King ran into Jeff Brown while driving drunk. And Jeff sadly passed away several weeks later on his grandfather's birthday! Terry King admitted his guilt to me personally a few days after he crashed into Jeff. Rev. Terry King now runs Grace Ministries, http://www.sgmworld.org/boardmembers.htm and seems to have turned his crime of vehicular manslaughter against Jeff Brown into what would seem to be a successful career. This might lead one to believe that crime pays? Certainly a little over 4 years of your life, in exchange for taking a life seems quite minor? Now there might be a lawyer possibly involved in such a similar crime, only this alleged perpetrator left the scene? Seems our law makers, like Jack Quinn for instance, may want to sponsor some tougher laws for crimes like this, that some might say could possibly be a form of legalized homicide? Penalties for taking lives in any manner should be strengthened before we lose more bright young college students. Didn't a similar crime occur in Amherst, NY too? We must all remember, and study history, or we are doomed to repeat it, again, and again...